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Are you certain your company is OSHA electrical compliant?

Electrical shock is not the only hazard associated with electrical contact. Even the experienced electrical worker often overlooks the extreme explosive capabilities of an arc flash. Arc Flash occurs from a conductive metal coming into contact with an energized panel. The result is an immediate blast that can hurl the victims away from the heat source and into other objects, potentially collapsing lungs, rupturing eardrums, and even killing the worker. Shrapnel from the blast and molten and vaporized metals and other materials are sprayed onto the workers and work area. The burns associates from the 35,000° F heat are devastating, and many times the hot vapors are inhaled causing severe internal burns. The flash often causes blindness as well.

NFPA indicates that Arc Flash Studies should be conducted at intervals of no longer than 5 years or whenever electrical changes are made or an increased capacity or load in the building. Employers must be able to provide proof to OSHA that they made every attempt to meet NFPA 70E standards in the event of an Arc Flash Incident.
Typically, a series of minor adjustments along with comprehensive labeling is all it takes to become safe and compliant. Basic Systems can then provide training and education to your employees about the dangers of arc flash and how to be safe and minimize the dangers.

If your company is not in compliance, Basic Systems can help. Now is the time before OSHA shows up at your door for an inspection.

What is involved in an Arc Flash Study?

>Data Collection
  Determine the utility energy levels by consulting with the local utility.
  Gather the specific protective device (fuses, breakers, etc.) information.
  Log switch panels, disconnects, controls panels, etc. above a minimum size.
  Determine the wire type, size, and length of each circuit.

>Engineering Analysis
  Compile gathered data into an electrical schematic of the system.
  Use an electrical modeling software to simulate a “Live” electrical system.
  Calculate the maximum incident energy at each studied point.

>Labeling and Reporting
  Prepare and install the ANSI approved (OSHA) Arc Flash Warning Labels.
  Prepare documentation supporting the label information, including Analysis reports and one line diagrams.

>Optional Additions
  Arc Flash Safety Training
  AutoCAD One Line Drawings


Call Basic Systems for a free consultation and find out how easy it can be to bring your company into compliance with OSHA and NFPA 70E guidelines.



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